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A seasoned Aspen real estate professional and long-time Aspen resident, Erik Berg is one of the area’s most trusted agents & realtors. He values the trust he receives and makes it his goal to exceed each client’s expectations through fortitude and expertise. Erik’s aim is to make you a client for life by giving you a comprehensive, personalized, and superior customer experience. It’s no wonder he sold an astounding $232+ million in real estate in 2020-23 and has consistently averaged over $50 million over the past fe...

Day in Life of Erik Berg

From sunrise to sunset, my day in the life as a real estate professional is all about dedication, passion, and family. Whether it's starting my morning with coffee and preparation, hitting the court for a little tennis and cardio, or ensuring my kids are set for the day ahead, every moment counts. ⁠

As a real estate agent, my mission is simple: exceed your expectations and create clients for life. With experience, market knowledge that runs deeper than Zillow or AI, and a tireless work ethic, I'm here to make your real estate dreams a reality. Ready to embark on this journey with me? Let's make your real estate goals a reality!⁠

Experience Matters

Erik Berg is a highly respected real estate agent in Aspen with a proven track record of success. His goal is to exceed client expectations by providing a comprehensive and personalized customer experience.

With a results-oriented approach, Erik is known for going above and beyond to provide top-tier customer service, staying ahead of the competition through hard work and innovative strategies. His loyal base of referral and repeat clients is a testament to his personalized and detail-oriented service.

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It does not matter if you are a seller, a buyer, a renter or an investor, Erik’s aim is to make you a client for life. He achieves that goal with candor, zeal, focus, creativity, insight, business knowledge and, most importantly, a strong work ethic.

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